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Catering Menu

John Brown offers a catering menu based on the following proportions. We recommend 1/2 lb of meat per person. For  the sides and salads, each 1/2 tray feeds about 10-12 people and  a whole tray feeds 20-25 people. We also do private events like weddings and birthday parties at our restaurant with booking prices that vary so contact us if you want to schedule an event. For more info about catering or events please email us at

Please also note that because of market forces beyond our control, all our prices are subject to change according to market prices. 

    Meat By the Pound                                                                                                                

  • Pulled Pork    $26

  • Pork Belly   $26.50

  • Rib Tips   $25

  • Brisket   $27

  • Burnt Ends   $31.50

  • Cured Pastrami   $27.50

  • Whole Slab of Ribs   $38.50

  • Whole Chicken   $24

  • Cheddar Hot Link   $6 per link

Sides : Corn Bread, Cole Slaw, Collard Greens, Baked Beans, Mac and Cheese, and Chili​

  • 1/2 tray side   $55

  • Whole tray side   $120

  • 1/2 tray Hand Cut Fries   $46

  • Whole tray Hand Cut Fries   $92


  • 1/2 tray (with meat)  $61

  • Whole tray (with meat)  $122

  • 1/2 tray (without meat)  $45

  • Whole tray (without meat)  $90

Catering Costs: A delivery fee will be added to orders that require a car delivery or orders that are beyond our 2-mile delivery radius. All orders above $500 will automatically have a 15% gratuity fee added. Any questions please give us a call at (347)617-1120 or email

  • Buffet Set Up  $50

  • Chaffers (wire racks)  $9 each

  • Sternos  $2.50 each

  • Spoons & Tongs  $1.50 each

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